What Makes a Kick-Ass Salesperson? The Three M’s!

There are lots of good sales people. Great sales people, however, are relatively rare. But there are three things that can turn a good salesperson into an extremely successful one.  I call them the 3 M’s:

The first is your Mindset. Consider this … how do you see the world? Do you have an abundance or scarcity mindset? What possibilities do you believe in? Why are you showing up?  To serve or to sell? How are you going to market? How do you view your clients? What beliefs do you have? Do you believe you’re making a difference in the world around you?

Are you simply just showing up and trying to sell your product or service? Because if that’s what you’re doing, then being extremely successful in sales is going to be quite difficult. So it begins with your headspace. What’s between your ears, and how are you tuning into that every day and noticing that it’s impacting everything around you? Because it certainly is.   

The second thing is Mechanics. Mechanics are the strategies, techniques, communication skills, and all the different technical aspects of sales that you need to master. In addition to your mindset, mechanics helps you to have insightful conversations with your prospective client.  And it also helps your prospective client lower their barriers so they want to be open and have authentic business conversations with you. It also helps to eliminate the games prospects tend to play. For example, to be successful you must know how to guide the client to fully discuss the context of their problems, uncover the true business and personal impacts of those problems, handle objections and uncover the budget. If you don’t know how to dive into the real issues and impacts it may appear that you are showing up trying to make a sale, and that’s not what people are looking for. No one likes to be sold. Everyone likes to buy. So help your prospects figure out reasons to buy  

The third thing that makes a kickass salesperson is Motion. To be successful as a salesperson you must stay in motion. Please don’t mistake this for lack of balance. We all need that! To attain the results you desire, you must stay in motion the majority of the time. For example…prospecting is key, taking care of existing clients to retain and grow within those organizations, practicing your skills, etc. Additionally, it’s important to know your vision of success, where you are now, and to create a roadmap to close the gap. Consider Motion to be the consistent behaviors required whether you feel like it or not to attain the results you seek.  

 If you want to be extremely successful, you have to employ all three of the M’s effectively and consistently.

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