Who Do You Really Want to Be?

Most salespeople don’t stop to consider the type of relationship they deliberately set out to create with their prospects and clients. But, hey, you are not most people! There are four types of relationships you can have with a prospect or client. When you know the distinctions in advance you can craft the specific language and take appropriate action for success. When you don’t make any effort to cultivate the type of relationship you want, you will default to the type of relationship your prospect gives you… and that doesn’t set you up for success.

The four positions on the Relationship Curve are:

  1. Vendor
  2. Solution Provider
  3. Consultant
  4. Partner Advisor

✔   When opening a call, you will either generate interest or resistance

✔   Being liked and being trusted are two different things

✔ Most professionals want to be a Partner Advisor to their clients

✔ Most professionals position themselves as Vendors or Solution Providers during the sales process without knowing it

✔   Positioning yourself as a Partner Advisor with a prospect starts from the very first interaction

✔   It is very difficult to climb the Relationship Curve to Partner Advisor status if you initially position yourself at a lower point on the Relationship Curve

 ✔   When you sell based on price or a features and benefits comparison, you are positioning yourself like a Vendor or Solution Provider

✔   Your product or service shouldn’t dictate how you sell and position yourself

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