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Stop flying by the seat of your pants
create your winning gameplan
get rockstar outcomes
Are You…
So OVER the FUD* Factor?
* fear,
& doubt!
Are You…
Exhausted from the roller coaster?
Are You…
Fed up with not being able to enjoy time away from work?
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Ready to stop spinning your wheels?
strategy mapped out

Get a Clear
Path Forward

In our first conversation, we’ll start to uncover the problems that are holding you back.

We’ll identify the best way to get you where you want to be as quickly as possible.

Take the Right Steps
with Confidence

Dive in to customized strategy, training and/or coaching designed just for you.

Start getting the results you’ve been wanting!

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Be Supported
As You Grow

Stop doubting yourself and start enjoying being able to focus your time and energy where you want it.

Get expert help as you need it.

Jenny Dennis

"I’m 100% a better person after working with Sonya. She’s taught me to be curious and try to understand the “why” with our team."

Jenny Dennis,
COO & Chief Creative Officer,
Trio Solutions

Adam Witty

“ The process Sonya helped us put in place is what allowed us to go from $0 to multi-millions in revenue in a pretty short period of time”

Adam Witty,
Founder & Chief Executive Officer,
Advantage Media Group, Inc.

Jessica Munday

“I felt like I was hitting rock bottom because my plate was so full … Now looking back, that first call to her was so incredibly life-changing!”

Jessica Munday
Trio Solutions

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Jenny Dennis
Adam Witty
Jessica Munday
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Let's do this!


Stop guessing with prospects.

Minimize your competition’s impact.

Shorten your sales cycle.

Increase top and bottom line revenue.

Enjoy long-term relationships with more
ideal clients.

Negotiate to make the right profit margins.

Maneuver complex sales with multiple decision-
makers skillfully.

woman in suit celebrating
super hero girl


Trust yourself and others.

Learn to delegate and stop being a control freak.

Feel free, relieved and optimistic.

Be inspired to implement new possibilities.

Know you’re finally living your calling.


Know how to achieve the kind of team you need.

Be confident all of your people are working to their potential, productive and effective time managers.

Get the right people in the right seats.

Enjoy working with happy, connected & engaged people.

Grow future leaders.

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Amazing Results


Find the balance between too much/too little work.

Know it was all worth it because you’re finally
fulfilling the purpose that inspired you.

Blow the socks off your clients by helping them
make the difference they want to make.

Relax on family vacations – or wherever you want to spend your time – with ease and confidence.

Get the peace of knowing the business can go on without you because you’ve put the people and systems in place that can get it done.

A guide for your journey

(because yoda is booked)

Let’s get right to the point.

It’s sucks when you’re not getting the results you want! And when you’re not sure how to fix it, that just adds more stress and frustration.

That’s why my passion and curiosity have inspired me to combine the smartest business strategies / processes with the most effective personal growth techniques so I can truly make a difference in people’s lives and businesses.

For over 20 years, I’ve had the honor of helping thousands of people at hundreds of companies
achieve more professional and personal success than they ever dreamed possible.

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Trusted By
What can you expect?

Save Time & Get Results Right Away

Immediately get a vision of where to go and clear game plan for how to get there.

By shifting your focus and energy to the things that make a difference and stopping the things that don’t, you’ll free up time.

Together we’ll build a business case to determine how much time money and resources you’ll have to expend to get the results you want. If the return on investment doesn’t make sense, we’ll simply shake hands and part as friends.

Know What You'll Get Before You Commit

You Can Stop Anytime. Period.

I love working with clients who are thrilled with their results. I don’t believe in ‘one size fits all”, so we’ll agree on a customized program based on your goals. If at anytime you feel the return on investment isn’t enough anymore, we’ll stop. No further investment required.

STOP Wasting Time.
START Landing More Business.

Wasting precious time on prospects who are not a good fit or stringing you along keeps you from serving the clients who ARE right for you. Sign up for this free video series to learn how to recognize the signs and handle them smoothly and confidently.

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