Become a

Confident Leader

Ready to handle

anything that comes your way

Are You Still...

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Unsure how to attain and sustain high levels of performance?

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Working harder but not getting the results and ROI you need?

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Speculating on how to improve the effectiveness of your leadership?

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Reacting instead of responding?

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Struggling to keep up with accelerating demands?

You’re not alone!

Most leaders have been in their roles more than 15 years and are still challenged by these issues.


Know how to respond in the midst of unpredictability, disruption and ambiguity

Grow the leadership abilities you need to meet extraordinary demands

Become more energized, engaged and lead with greater clarity


Cultivate more effective leaders to attain higher levels of business performance

Develop strategic, competitive advantage by assembling highly cohesive teams

Focus on organizational culture for meaningful outcomes

Leverage business capacity to sustain outstanding results


Build an adaptive and scalable organization

Rely on your team to lead in dynamic and uncertain circumstances

Experience less drama and politics while achieving better performance

Attract the right employees, clients, and partners

Achieve more significant ROI from your time, energy, people, finances – everything you put into your business

Enjoy time to focus on other things and making
a difference

I understand

Leadership is hard! It’s so easy to operate on autopilot and while unaware that you’re leading based on what’s familiar, not what’s most effective.

Many leaders feel too overwhelmed to focus on developing themselves and fail to improve business results. Others settle for results that are “good enough” even though it’s not acceptable.

When you transform the way you lead, everything around you transforms as a result.

That’s why for over 20 years, I’ve enjoyed helping thousands of people at hundreds of companies become top-notch leaders who create sustainable results and free up their energy for other important goals.

Trusted By
Jenny Dennis

"I’m 100% a better person after working with Sonya. She’s taught me to be curious and try to understand the “why” with our team."

Jenny Dennis,
COO & Chief Creative Officer,
Trio Solutions

Adam Witty

“ The process Sonya helped us put in place is what allowed us to go from $0 to multi-millions in revenue in a pretty short period of time”

Adam Witty,
Founder & Chief Executive Officer,
Advantage Media Group, Inc.

Jessica Munday

“I felt like I was hitting rock bottom because my plate was so full … Now looking back, that first call to her was so incredibly life-changing!”

Jessica Munday
Trio Solutions

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Jenny Dennis
Adam Witty
Jessica Munday
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Are You Ready to Change the Game?


Your Leadership Development Gaps


Learn and Practice Mindsets, Strategies, and Skills


The Amazingly Effective Leader You’re Meant to Be!

Thrive at pace that’s right for your organization

Bring out your best leader & best self

Shift to more agile leadership principals

Expand your effectiveness

Create a thriving, collective organizational culture

If You Keep Guessing How To Lead...

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What's the toll of continuing to doubt yourself?

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What is at risk by not knowing how to lead in increasingly turbulent times?

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Are you willing to work more while achieving less?

If you’re ready to get out of your own way, call me.

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